Confess To Be MineBlurb

The Ramsey Empire drama continues with the tale of Blake and his love for Shelby Perez, a hot young fashion designer.
Blake and Shelby have a secret crush on each other but none of them seems to be able to make the first step and embrace their romantic desires. The billionaire brothers are working on a charity project in Shelby’s native Mexico City and when she gets invited to help with the youth center she happily jumps on board.
The only problem? Her friendship with Blake is now quite strained due to their silly misinterpretation. But when the two become entangled in unexpected gang warfare, will they be able to finally confront their hidden feelings?


Author Suzie Nelson

Rating: 5 of 5 stars


A sweet love story with some unexpected twists and turns…
A couple struggling to admit their mutual feelings and commit to each other…
Thrilling moments that could change their lives forever…
An awesome sequel to “Pretend To Be Mine”!